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Recycled Rubber Parking Stops

Economical, 100% recycled rubber and durable

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Recycled Plastic Parking Stops

Environmentially friendly, long lasting and durable recycled plastic

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Garage Stops

Made form 100% recycled tires, easy to install and visibly safe

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Parking Stops

Since 2001, The Park Catalog has been a leader in the world of parking stops. We have supplied thousands of parking stops to recreational centers, private commercial building, shopping centers, public spaces, parks and many more. The Park Catalog carries both recycled rubber parking stops and recycled plastic parking stops. Recycled rubber parking stops are made from unbreakable, 100% recycled rubber, that are maintenance free, UV light, moisture, and oil resistant and also resists to chipping and cracking. Recycled Rubber Parking Stops are ideal for both outdoor and indoor parking, are highly visible and contour to uneven surfaces. Recycled Plastic Parking Stops have a long life, are available in multiple colors, are LEED qualified and do not crack or chip. Unlike concrete parking stops, recycled material allow for easy installation, are not as fragile, resist to cracking and shipping, last longer and can be recycled at the end of its life. These recycled parking stops are an effective way to guide vehicles into parking stalls and at 4" high, which protect from potential damage for today's low, front end car designs. These recycled parking stops provide the highest level of safety and high visibility and parking lots are often the first and last impression of your property, property owners should consider the safety and the appeal of the parking lot. Here at The Park Catalog we strive to meet the needs of any and all venues with recycled parking stops.

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